A software solution for secure bioscience collaboration

DataSHIELD is an infrastructure and series of R packages that enables the remote and non-disclosive analysis of sensitive research data. Users are not required to have prior knowledge of R.

What Is DataSHIELD?

DataSHIELD is an open-source software for the privacy-preserving analysis of biomedical, healthcare and social-science data.

Crucially, the data remain secure behind the firewalls on the system where they usually reside, and under the complete control of their primary custodian.

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2024 DataSHIELD Conference

Update Released: Version 6.3

We have just released the lastest update of DataSHIELD - a major update release. View what is available in the full update notes, available at our latest release page.

If you find any issues with the new update, please make them known to us by posting on the forum (sign up for free) .

We are making plans for the next release, so feedback, requests and questions would also be welcome on the forum.

DataSHIELD mentioned in Goldacre Review

"Federated analytics is readily achievable and has already been successfully implemented on NHS data in some form, delivering a range of completed analytic outputs in open code projects such as OpenSAFELY and DataShield (the latter in particular with a large existing user-base)."

Two member of the DataSHIELD team Dr. Becca Wilson and Dr. Olly Butters, contributed their time, thoughts, and ideas to this review.


Community Map

We have just put together a google map showing all the institutions worldwide where DataSHIELD is used.

It is by no means comprehensive- if your institution is missing please get in touch!

Learn more about who uses DataSHIELD here.